Electrode Pads Reviews/Best TENS Unit Pads

Electrode Pads Reviews

Electrode Pads Reviews
First of all, you must take care o have a clean skin because on our skin there are natural oils. They can affect the adhesive surface of pads.

When you use the conductive gel adhesive, there must be o water on the skin.
After a number of uses, the pads will lose adhesion. To extend the life of the pads, moisten the adhesive surface with a few drops of tens gel or water, and reattach the pads to the plastic film overnight. This procedure will extend the life of the pads significantly.
Replace the pads with plastic film after each use. If the pads drop onto the floor or come into contact with any other surface besides your skin and the plastic holder, debris will adhere to the conductive gel, rendering the electrodes less effective.
You must remove the pads from time to time. Some people find TENS therapy so effective that they use it most of the day. When you wear TENS unit pads, take them off (hourly) to be that the skin irritated.
Clean the pads with soap and water, when needed but never alcohol. Alcohol can destroy the lining of the pads.

Electrode Pads Reviews

The pad can be destroyed if they are pulled on the wire.
Check the electrode pads gel for tax before to use.
Store the pads in the storage bag. Keep them in a cool, dry place, no exposure of the gel to humidity, light, and heat.

Electrode pads and replacement pads

All TENS arrangements highlight recyclable and replaceable self-adhesive conductive gel pads. The pads can vary in apparitions and size. This might be an appearance to think about, depending on anywhere on the body you mean to put them.

The kind of pads might be required in finding the very best TENS system for you. Holding 4 or more pads will allow you to deal with various situations, or have a higher focus on a single issue area.

After practice, pads need to be washed with water. Cleaning them with anything more than water will trigger them to age too soon.

Electrode Pads Reviews

Even if washed with care, the conductive gel staining on the pads will use feather with usage. Replacement gel is cost effective and commonly readily prepared. Although, some people find it obnoxious or challenging.

The other option is to change the pads. Options are offered in numerous sizes and shapes. They are furthermore widely immediately available in larger amounts, with significant reduction rates in charge per system.

When replacing the pads, make confident that the lead wires of the replacement pads work with your TENS system. Best lines are the conductors that attach the terminal pads to the TENS system, and there are many types on the marketplace that are not meeting for each other.

Cable positioning

How you put the electrodes is particularly crucial in guaranteeing you have a current TENS session. The fundamental principle is to locate an electrode on both sides of the awkward situation so that the electrical thought straight passes the troubled tissues.